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ENT Shaver

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Product Name: ENT Shaver




Application: This technology is suitable for ear, nose and throat surgery of various types such as ear nodules, sinusitis, nasal polyps, nasal septum deviation, intranasal tumors, vocal cord polyps, throat tumors, etc. It is especially suitable for medical treatment with ineffective effects , Traditional treatment of ear, nose and throat diseases with poor efficacy.



Fast speed, little trauma, little pain

Maximum protection of nasal mucosa without damaging normal tissues

Directly act on the lesion tissue, precise operation and short time

Operate under visual status, no longer rely on doctor's operating experience, safer and faster

Fast recovery after surgery

With infinitely variable speed, forward, reverse, reciprocating cutting function and three-speed setting, various function options can be controlled by manual or foot control. It is easy to use and convenient for debugging and teaching.

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