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Intelligent Fume Extracting System

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Product Name: Intelligent Fume Extracting System


Model: YOUTAK-721


Application: Laparoscopy for general surgery, urology, gynaecology etc.




1.Keep the surgery image clearly visible, accurately determine the cause of the tissue, smokeless interference accurately determine the cause of tissue, no smoke interference.

2.Intra-abdominal surgery to purify smoke and prevent harmful gases.

3.Avoiding tissue protein degradation and gasification due to the use of high frequency power, ultrasonic scalpel during surgery.

4.The smoke generated during the operation will be instantly removed from the smoke and purified into a healthy air that the body can absorb.

5.The third gear intelligent control automatically removes the smoke speed, no need for personnel operation.

6.Simple operation, full core intelligent LED touch menu.

7. Pedal and smart touch screen, two boot modes, smokeless auto off.

8.It is suitable for minimally invasive endoscopic system of various brands in the world.

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