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Cleaning Machine

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Product Name: Cleaning Machine


Model: YOUTAK-QX6211


Application: YOUTAK-QX6211 is mainly usedfor the cleaning ofvessels and metal surgical instrumentsin the hospital.



There are water and air output, both arecontrollable. 

With automatic inflating function. After power start, the air pump indicator is displayed as standby, when automatically filled up to 9L, 0.7MPa, inflatable stop.if the air pump indicator is displayed as working, blowing can be controlled by switch of air blow gun.

The medical cleaning machine has exhaust function and operators can control it accordingly.

After the water pump start, the spray can be controlled by water gun switch, and the nozzle can be replaced freely.

The top-level process of magnesium alloy is used to punch molding. The gun body is highly acid-base resistant, and resistant to corrosion, bacterial attachment rate is low.

Multi-functional flushing nozzle is included, it’s convenient for the use of endoscopes and surgical departments pf hospital.

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